SNAPP Challenge Category 2024-Feb-17 09:44:01

The Challenge category SNAPP focuses on OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) challenges that are specifically related to SNAPP and its activities in the field of information security (infosec). These challenges are designed to test participants' investigative skills and knowledge of publicly available information sources to gain insights into SNAPP's operations. Participants will engage in tasks that require analyzing various data points, gathering information from online sources, and connecting the dots to uncover valuable intelligence about SNAPP's infosec landscape. By participating in these challenges, individuals have an opportunity to enhance their OSINT abilities and deepen their understanding of the security aspects within SNAPP's activities.

Welcome flag! 2024-Feb-05 05:50:42

The flag for the welcome challenge is:


SNAPP CTF 2024 2024-Jan-19 11:55:49

The SNAPP CTF website is now online. The countdown timer shows the remaining time to SNAPP CTF 2024. There are some links to access News, FAQ, etc.